Beginners Foundation Course

This course is for the total beginner of Capoeira

It is often a misconception of people that Capoeira is a difficult sport to play, however, this is not the truth. With a Foundation Course, you will learn all the base movements of Capoeira step by step. This will help you learn the movements themselves and the fundamentals behind them at the same time you will be enjoying a healthy workout that can improve your fitness and strength, coordination and confidence. A Foundation Course runs for 8 sessions over 8 weeks and covers the following elements of Capoeira.



  • 4 base attack movements, 4群攻動作

  • 3 base defence movements, 3基地防禦動作

  • 2 standing displacements movements, 2站立位移運動

  • 1 ground displacement movement, 1地面位移運動

  • 2 base acrobatic movements, 2基地雜技動作

  • 2 Afro-Brazilian musical instrument base rhythms, 2非裔巴西人的樂器節奏基地

  • Sing a variety of traditional Capoeira songs in Portuguese, 唱各種傳統卡波耶拉歌曲葡萄牙語

Capoeira is a great sport for all people. You can learn a new sport, a new culture, have fun, meet new friends, lose weight and tone your body as well as feel more confident about yourself. To obtain an enrolment form please contact us by email,, or phone, 91974429, to have one sent to you by email or fax or come to visit our Academy in Tsim Sha Tsui to enrol in person.

卡波耶拉是為所有的人,其樂無窮。你可以學習一項新的運動,一種新的文化,有樂趣,結識新朋友,減肥瘦身和調你的身體和感覺更加知己了解自己。要獲取報名表格請通過電子郵件聯繫我們, ,或電話, 91974429 ,有一個發送到您是電子郵件或傳真或前來參觀我們的學校位於尖沙咀的人報名參加。


Foundation Courses start from the first Monday of every month in all locations.



Certificate of Achievement

Every participant that completes all 8 sessions of the Foundation Course will receive a certificate from both Group Capoeira Brazil, Hong Kong and The International Capoeira Society.