Foundation Course

This course is for the total beginner of Capoeira.

It is often a misconception of people that Capoeira is a difficult sport to play, however, this is not the truth.

With a Foundation Course you will learn all the base movements of Capoeira step by step. This will help you learn the movements themselves and the fundamentals behind them at the same time you will be enjoying a healthy workout that can improve your fitness and strength, coordination and confidence.

The Foundation Course consists of 8 sessions over running over 8 weeks and covers the following elements of Capoeira.
• 4 base attack movements
• 3 base defence movements
• 2 standing displacements movements
• 1 ground displacement movement
• 2 base acrobatic movements
• 2 Afro-Brazilian musical instrument base rhythms
• Sing a variety of traditional Capoeira songs in Portuguese

Joining the Course.
Upon joining the course you will also receive the uniform included in the course fee. Enjoy the sense of community right from the start.
The uniform package consists of;
• Training pants (Abada).
• Team T-shirt.
• Raw Corda (first level belt).
• Song Books.

New courses start in the beginning of every month, check our calendar for details.

On completion of the course at the next major Roda you will receive your Certificate of Achievement. This is to show that you have completed the first level and are on your way to your Graduacão in Capoeira.