Kids Capoeira Courses

The sport and art-form of Capoeira is one of the most benificial activities that kids and youths can participate in whilst growing up.

The variety of elements involved in the process of learning Capoeira leads to consistant engagement of a number of a childs sensors and allows them to develope multiple physical and cognitive skills simultainiously.

As a child is learning the physical movements of Capoeira they are also learning rhythm and communication.

Whilst practicing the musical aspects they are also develping team works skills amongst other musicians and singing the songs in Portuguese ignites memory skills.

Capoeira can be described as involving five fundamental elements.

  • Attack
  • Defence
  • Movement
  • Acrobatics
  • Music

Within each of these elements children will be working on multiple sensory stimulations simultainiously.

The training and developement of the hard skills of the Capoeira game coincidentially helps the child develope the soft skills that will serve them for a lifetime.

Classes for kids with GCBHK Capoeira Hong Kong are split into groups relating to school level, Primary school and Secondary school students.

In an average class we practice at least one action from each of the five elements of Capoeira.

We start with some warm up exercises which include basic body control, co-ordination, balancing, and strengthing.

Throughout the term we lead the kids step by step through a sequence that involves all four physical movements of Capoeira and consists of two roles, A & B, which they can perform in turn.

They will also learn to play some of the musical instruments of Capoeira and each take a turn in being a lead singer of the Capoeira Roda and singing the songs in Portuguese language.

Each term will be a new sequence, so new beginners and experienced kids can all learn along together.

Tsim Sha Tsui

Teens Secondary school ages – Friday afternoons 17:00 & Kids Primary school ages – Saturday mornings 10:30.

Term 1:

3rd & 4th Sept.

10th & 11th Sept.

17th & 18th Sept.

24th & 25th Sept.

8th & 9th Oct.

15th & 16th Oct.

22nd & 23rd Oct.

29th & 30th Oct.

  • 8 sessions.

Term 2:

5th & 6th Nov.

12th & 13th Nov.

19th & 20th Nov.

26th & 27th Nov.

3rd & 4th Dec.

10th & 11th Dec.

17th & 18th Dec.

  • 7 sessions.

Term 3:

7th & 8th Jan.

14th & 15th Jan.

21st & 22nd Jan.

28th & 29th Jan.

11th & 12th Feb.

18th & 19th Feb.

25th & 26th Feb.

  • 7 sessions.

Term 4:

4th & 5th Mar.

11th & 12th Mar.

18th & 19th Mar.

25th & 26th Mar.

1st & 2nd Apr.

8th & 9th Apr.

  • 6 sessions.

Term 5:

29th & 30th Apr.

6th & 7th May.

13th & 14th May.

20th & 21st May.

27th & 28th May.

10th & 11th June.

17th & 18th June.

24th & 25th June.

  • 8 sessions.


Kids Primary school ages & Teens Secondary school ages – Wednesday afternoons 16:30 & 17:30.

Term 1:

1st Sept.

8th Sept.

15th Sept.

29th Sept.

6th Oct.

13th Oct.

20th Oct.

27th Oct.

  • 8 sessions.

Term 2:

3rd Nov.

10th Nov.

17th Nov.

24th Nov.

1st Dec.

8th Dec.

15th Dec.

  • 7 sessions.

Term 3:

5th Jan.

12th Jan.

19th Jan.

26th Jan.

9th Feb.

16th Feb.

23rd Feb.

  • 7 sessions.

Term 4:

2nd Mar.

9th Mar.

16th Mar.

23rd Mar.

30th Mar.

6th Apr.

13th Apr.

  • 7 sessions.

Term 5:

27th Apr.

4th May.

11th May.

18th May.

25th May.

1st June.

8th June.

15th June.

22nd June.

  • 9 sessions.

Sai Kung

Kids Primary school ages Tuesday afternoons 17:15 & Teens Secondary school ages together with adults Tuesday evenings 19:30.

Term 1:

No Classes

Term 2:

2nd Nov.

9th Nov.

16th Nov.

23rd Nov.

30th Nov.

7th Dec.

14th Dec.

  • 7 sessions.

Term 3:

4th Jan.

11th Jan.

18th Jan.

25th Jan.

8th Feb.

15th Feb.

22nd Feb.

  • 7 sessions.

Term 4:

1st Mar.

8th Mar.

15th Mar.

22nd Mar.

29th Mar.

12th Apr.

  • 6 sessions.

Term 5:

26th Apr.

3rd May.

10th May.

17th May.

24th May.

31st May.

7th June.

14th June.

21st June.

  • 9 sessions.

Kids Batizado Grading Ceremony: Sunday 26th June 2022.

Scedule effective from: 1st September 2021.

Visitors / Trial

Single Class Fee
  • 1st Class of the Term Trial
  • Visiting Participants
  • Bookings Required

Kids & Teens

Term 3 - 7 class Package
  • Term 3: Jan - Feb 2022
  • Primary School 1 - 6
  • Secondary Schoo Form 1 - 6


Capoeira Uniform Full Set
  • Capoeira Abada Pants
  • GCBHK Uniform T-shirt
  • Capoeira Corda Belt