A Capoeira GRADUACÃO is equivilent to a Black Belt in popular martial arts

The level of Graduacão in Capoeira is equel to the level of Black Belt in popular martial arts. It means that even though you are not a Grand Master you have reached the point where you pass from being a student into a person of authority that posseses a solid ability of skill and knowledge within your chosen discipline.
Within the structure of Grupo Capoeira Brasil the Graduacão level is signified by the title Monitor who is awarded a Blue & Red Corda.

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It is often a misconception that Capoeira is difficult to play. However, this is not the truth. With the Foundation Course you will learn all the base movements of Capoeira step by step.

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Headed up by Contra-Mestre Chumbinho originally from Australia the GCBHK team consists of some of the best players and teachers in Hong Kong.

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