Want to join Capoeira but there is no school in your city?

No problem.

Start a Capoeira Club in your city with the full support of GCBHK.

To start a Capoeira club is easy. Get your friends together that are4 interested in playing Capoeira.

Get in touch with GCBHK and mark out a date for Mestre Chumbinho to come to your city and get you started with the Beginners Foundation Course.

From there follow the programs with the full support of Mestre Chumbinho and GCBHK through to your first Batizado grading ceremony.

As you continue to train and dedicate to Capoeira you will have the chance to be the head teacher in your city as you practice and follow the training programs of GCBHK.

This method has already been implemented in many cities around the world including Guangzhou and Shenzhen China, New Caledonia, Melbourne Australia and Toronto Canada.